I thought the Cloud was supposed to save us money!

Let us navigate the Cloud to find you savings!


Audit the Cloud is the best way to tailor your cloud-based services to the needs and budget of your business. With Audit the Cloud, you know what you’re paying for.. and when you’re paying too much.

What we do:

Our auditing team knows what to look for in the bills you receive from your cloud service providers. We can make sense of the costs, and tell when the costs DON’T make sense for your business!

What we look for:

We look for overcharges, unused features, over-subscriptions, non-competitive costs, and anything else that may be chipping away valuable funds that could be going towards new projects or other important services.

Find out other ways that we can help you optimize your cloud services

Our team of Cloud experts do much more than auditing cloud bills. Check out our services page to see how Audit the Cloud can help your company with Cloud contract negotiation, rate bench-marking, and determining the total cost of your cloud service deployment.